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Restaurant concept full of joy





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Restaurant concept full of joy

Version is a Californian‑influenced restaurant located in the central Helsinki, in close vicinity to Autograph Collection Hotel U14. The brief was to design a complete restaurant concept and experience, as well as a website. The restaurant concept includes a casual Eatery, Drinkery serving top‑notch cocktails and a lush Garden.

Calm and simple

The visual identity comes alive in different applications such as menus, business cards and staff clothing. The overall look gives contrast to the interior design with a simple touch that is not overwhelming. In digital applications such as the website and digital screens, the visual identity is calm and connected. Simple, but inviting UI and UX guide the user to find the relevant information easily. Website and digital screens play with the concept of time through colour and visual elements.

Serenity and minimalism

The whole identity exudes serenity and minimalism in a naturally beautiful way, leaving room for the individual experience itself. Your version of the restaurant. In addition to the Edenlike backyard, flowers used throughout the identity, bring out the garden feel in the restaurant, creating a feminine, delicious and joyful look. A hint of California.

Mirror and reflect

The photography style uses mirrors to find new perspectives, scenes and versions with reflections. By giving different and surprising versions of the food, drink and atmosphere, the identity has a fun and joyful twist. The palette is designed to follows different times of the day in order to reflect the around the clock hours of the hotel restaurant. The colours of California help shape a fresh and comfortable look for the visual identity.
“I've always liked to work with BOND. The collaboration works flawlessly, they are fast, agile and surely know how to design restaurant concepts.”
Kari Aihinen, Restaurateur