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Wholesale Mortgage Lender



Breaking new ground

“ResiCentral is a wholesale mortgage company that is passionate about their team, customers, and consumers”.
This was the key message that was given to Bond when we were tasked with creating a new visual identity and website for ResiCentral.
The key differentiation for ResiCentral within the mortgage industry was the company’s humanist nature by putting their customers first, which was heavily highlighted within their narrative and brand.
With this design direction in mind we crafted the logo mark to reflect their existing brand but also to be used as a window to frame the true humanist value of the company. The illustrative style was approachable and inviting, breaking the norm within the current financial markets.

Visual Identity

We created the logo as an unique mark that combines the letter R and a keyhole to highlight the client’s industry. In order to create a flexible visual identity based on the defined strategy, we wanted to focus on bringing the 'R' shape to life. This mark can be used as a graphic element or frame in any future prospects as it is the heart of the brand.
Beyond the logo, we developed a complete design system to express their brand purpose of an open, friendly and trustworthy nature. It consists of new colours, typefaces, icons and images. This was accompanied by clear typography and an engaging set of illustrations. In addition, a new photographic style concept was developed to transmit real‑life situations and focus on real people, real emotions, and real stories. All these elements work together to build a completely new expression of the ResiCentral brand.


We wanted to keep the website as simple, elegant and fast as possible for a financial firm, while making sure that it acts as more of an informative site than a marketing site. The main challenge was to implement specific integrations in order to allow prospective customers to download information about rates and other things. From a front‑end perspective, we made sure to reflect the new visual identity of the company and had a bit of fun in getting video to play inside the new ’R’ logomark.