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Mulberry Street Seltzer

A new look for a New York seltzer


Mulberry Street Seltzer



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New look for a New York seltzer

The Italian Seltzer Company needed our help in re‑branding their sparkling alcoholic beverage, the Mulberry Street New York Seltzer. From re‑designing the packaging to flipping their online presence and tone, Bond helped bring new light to their most popular product. In addition to re‑branding the visual identity of their product, the new design stretches out to their social media content, merchandising and website.
For Mulberry Street to stand out in the busy market of alcoholic beverages, it was key to create a tone and narrative that got their key message across to potential customers. The tone of voice is made out to be expressive with a no‑nonsense attitude while still carrying a touch of softness, romance, and charm for good measure.
From pack shots to lifestyle photos, creating a stack of new imagery to use across their ventures was essential for this project. With the core brand guidelines changing, we wanted to make sure that posting or changing content in the future would be smooth and easy for the client. We planned the direction of the new brand images and produced and coordinated photo‑shoots necessary to create all the lifestyle and product content. From social media templates to video and photography content, copy and brand guidelines, we were able to provide them with a full content kit.

Let's get technical

To improve their online presence, we designed and built a brand‑new website with the goal of driving sales in mind. To provide an efficient user experience, we made sure to create a very clear and effortless two‑click journey to purchase. This feature can be seen on most pages, so that wherever the user is on the site, the option to add products to the cart or change quantities with minimal interaction, is straightforward. We spent the time building the shop to make sure the look and feel was consistent and felt natural. As a user, you ideally want to see the products, recognize discounts, and quickly and easily add multiple items to the cart. Key things to consider in making the checkout experience simple for all users. For these reasons we made the decision to create a headless Shopify store, taking advantage of the storefront API and the Gatsby Shopify source plugin to access content from the Shopify store. This provided us with the ability to completely control the user experience while building a fast loading, efficient and visually creative shopping website. Everything is fully connected to the Google Tag Manager, so Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels and other tracking systems are all being used to analyse site performance. Automatic sitemaps are generated meaning submission to the Google Search Console happens quickly and efficiently. All pages have full social sharing support making it easy to share pages to whoever is interested.

Simple yet effective

We wanted the design of the new cans to reflect the zesty flavours of the seltzers and were inspired by the citrus illustrations in their original packaging. By remaking the illustrated citrus fruits in a larger size, we’re highlighting the fresh ingredients and refreshing taste of the beverage. With a smaller sized can, a challenge was to fit as much of key information in as possible while still displaying the text large enough to read from a small distance. We approached this by applying two new fonts and three variations. The combination of fonts used allowed us to display the text needed as well as leaving us space to focus the product name. Following the creation of the visual identity of the brand itself, we were asked to plan and direct a social media launch campaign. Once close to launch, the first step was to create some hype around their new identity, while still staying mysterious about the product for new customers. So, first posts revealed only bits of the new packaging matched with cards with key messages to create some excitement. The hype stage also determined the tone and style for upcoming stages, ‘launch’, ‘post‑launch’ and ‘maintaining momentum’ covering about a month’s worth of content on social, wrapping up the campaign.
“The team at BOND truly captured the essence of our brand and translated it into a visual identity that exceeded my expectations. Their attention to detail and creativity is truly remarkable. From initial discussion to new product packaging, website, and social media all in three months is incredible. Thank you!”
‑ Chris Taylor, MD At The Italian Seltzer Company