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Visual, verbal, dynamic

Loupedeck is the creator of Loupedeck+ and the Creative Tool, custom‑built editing consoles designed to improve the experiences of major software programs across photo, video and audio editing and design.
Loupedeck’s vision is to be the go‑to solution for creators of all types by 2022. Sales numbers support this ambitious goal, as the turnover doubled from 2017 to 2019. This growth is to continue this year when the sales are forecast to triple, while still taking into account challenges imposed by the COVID‑19 epidemic. Besides the superior technology, branding had a key role in this success. From brand identity to packaging and web development, BOND shared the desire to build a convincing brand. And so we did.

There was a logo in the knobs

Spinning knobs, the way Loupedeck is used, directly translates into the simple logo and typeface. The same straightforward, simple yet powerful visual motif runs across the identity system: from business cards to beanies and bags. The result is a distinctive visual language with strong continuity between product, website and marketing assets. Loupedeck is able to address its target audience and establish its brand position on the market. Effortlessly.
“Loupedeck succeeds thanks to high‑quality technology and good branding.”
Talouselämä Magazine
Finland's 10 Most Promising Startups 2019

Harnessing the website to introduce the product and drive sales

While looking cool, the prime objective of the website was to be extremely functional. We followed good UX practises rather than going too experimental. The site allows users to dive deep while keeping it still very easy to buy and checkout. The site is about product storytelling and selling it, and therefore the site features stories about the existing users.

Packaging as a part of the experience

A top‑notch product in a discount store box? No way. Packaging is not only meant for protecting its precious contents but it’s also playing an essential role in the purchase experience. Not the least in Loupedeck’s case, where the box is used continuously to store the product. For that reason, we wanted to create packaging that enables reliving the brand experience use after use: Stunning looks, haptic details and recyclable materials resulted in a packaging that’s not only supporting but also improving the brand experience.
“For Loupedeck, BOND has made the difference through their outstanding design expertise, creativity, and innovative and forward thinking approach.”
Felix Hartwigsen, Head of Marketing