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Benecol OAT

OATen your heart


Benecol OAT

Oaten your heart

Benecol, the health oriented food products brand, needed help with designing the launch of their new and improved product range, Benecol OAT.
Adapting to an increasingly sustainable and necessary demand in plant based products, Benecol has given birth to a heart healthy and environmentally friendly complement to their range of yogurts and shots. Without compromising taste or texture, this range of products was made to give consumers a way to live a more balanced life.
The aim was to reflect this breakthrough with a matching campaign for the Finnish launch. Thus, in true BOND fashion, the campaign was given life with a simple idea and a balanced execution. From TV advertising to packaging and multimedia rollouts, all applications were sure to have impact.

Standing out from the competition

For the release of Benecol OAT, BOND was commissioned to design the graphics for three packaging formats. All packaging was to reflect taste and healthiness, drive brand recognition and, of course, look good. The distinction between each taste variant also couples as the primary design element in packaging. Using the brands strong teal colour paired with fresh and honest photography, Benecol OAT is sure to stand out in a sea of plant‑based products.
Yet again, reducing design elements on the face of the packaging and relying on efficient simplicity, the resulting product differentiates itself in an oh‑so cluttered world.

Humanizing the health benefits

The concept for moving imagery was based on the core values of Benecol OAT: Benecol OAT offers consumers a way to increase balance in their everyday life, the logical solution was to humanise balance in a literal sense.
BOND delivered the complete TVC from cradle to grave: concept creation, ideation, casting, filming editing etc. A flexible approach that aided the client meet their deadlines with the approach of using CG visuals with tracking to the actors to provide the correct execution and delivery.

Spreading the message

Designing location specific Digital Out of Home ads made for an effective way of spreading awareness of the Benecol OAT message. Rolled out across Helsinki city, including the Central Railway Station, the videos and animations are sure to have reached the extended target audience of Benecol OAT.