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Brand Identity

Content Creation

Bellwether Coffee, the first all electric, sustainable coffee roasting system company, came to Bond to renew their website for the purpose highlighting new products and services, as well as supporting the growth of their clientele. As always, such a site creates tension between essential marketing needs and a content rich site with strong CTAs leading potential clients on their path to purchase, while keeping up with design and brand guidelines. This was solved with a purposeful, airy design that married the marketing needs while providing components with clear intentions from driving to purchase to sharing expertise.

Content is king

As with all new products and offerings, storytelling is based on authentic and compelling video content and photography. Whether this is CGI enhanced videos to best show off the product or interviews with real‑life customers sharing the value of working with Bellwether, the site content is embracing the future direction of the brand. To provide authentic and original imagery, Bond worked closely with the client to storyboard, film, edit and finalise all the content on the site.

Mobile first and ease of use

Of course, today, a successful site must be fully responsive, to provide an equally good experience on mobile, tablet, laptop ‑and desktop screens. This is the benchmark to be achieved in order to reach insight scores in the high 90’s, which aid in your visibility and ratings. Another challenge was to make sure that the client themselves can update the content whenever they might need to, quickly and effortlessly. By building components that could be reused for many purposes, the site carries the ability to transform easily for different occasions, whether it’s to highlight an event, feature a new product or simply freshen up the content. All the site content is managed using the Hygraph CMS.

All about the technology.

Underlying all of this was a tight integration with HubSpot, as it gave us the ability to create forms of our own design while simultaneously delivering important data to the clients HubSpot CRM. An addition to the mix was an integration between HubSpot and Calendly which allowed meetings to be booked with individual calendars, depending on the location of the customer and where they were in the sales cycle. We also blended in a few modal forms to target new as well as returning customers, with specific messaging for either customer group. All of this is running on Gatsby cloud which allowed for an extremely fast user experience, whilst being as adaptable as possible.