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What is a brand?

Your brand is a living breathing thing, it’s a product that you build, polish and evolve. It’s a North Star, a promise, providing direction and aspiration for everyone who is interested in you ‑ creating awareness and love for the products and services you sell. These products and services along with the experience you deliver fulfil that promise. Further creating the love, and moving the needle of the business. It’s that simple, a full circle. This is where BOND comes in. Whether you are a large corporate, small enterprise or start up. We help you craft your brand, making you relevant to your audience on every touch point, physical or digital. Every time anybody: consumer, investor or employee sees you or interacts with you, the message will be on point, purposeful and beautifully designed. Creating a feeling, your brand feeling. Building a muscle memory that lasts. A living and breathing product, your brand. As important as the products and services you sell. This is the product we craft and shape for you, with you. A partnership, a BOND. Allowing us to help with your brand whilst you focus on your products and services. Together we drive your business.

How do we do it:

It’s not a secret source, more like hard work and talented people. We have a wealth of experience: from Business understanding, insights, Visual design, verbal strategy to technology, analytics and design UI/UX and everything in‑between. We work with you to understand your business, we listen, we talk and we listen again. We explore the purpose, the reasons why and what you are trying to achieve, what is success, who is the audience. Why you are unique and what is your super power. We set a direction, we prototype and explore refining the ideas until we come to that simple thread that simple idea. That’s when the explosion happens… We take this simple idea start building your brand, a visual identity, narrative and character. We apply these to your touch points, websites, marketing, social media creating a coherent approach with a united feel to the brand…

Let’s BOND.